Kolby Listenbee

Kolby came to Power-Cardio going into his junior year at Arlington Bowie high school. I received a call from a concerned parent that Kolby needed some help. The next day, Kolby’s father called and asked me if I could get Kolby ready for the 2010 football season. It was well known around Arlington that Kolby was injury-prone and could not stay on the field. I gave Arlington Bowie head football Coach Kenny Perry a call. Coach Perry informed me that I would be wasting my time, and that Kolby could never play  as a Quarterback for his team because he was too soft and lazy. I took Coach Perry's comments as a challenge. At this time, Kolby was just coming off a release from shoulder surgery.  There were only five weeks before the season was to begin.  It seemed as if everyone and everything was stacked against him and Kolby’s confidence was at an all-time low.  I made Kolby a promise that he would be playing by game 5. We Zeroed in on Kolby’s bad shoulder, and his core, and within 4 weeks, Kolby was ready to go.  Not only did Kolby start, but by game 5, he was the team leader in rushing and passing.  He also received first team All-District, and New Comer of the Year.  Working with Power-Cardio, the 2010 season was the first full season that Kolby completed without an injury.  KOBLY SIGNED A FULL SCOLARSHIP TO PLAY FOR THE TCU HORN FROGS IN FEBRUARY OF 2012. Kolby was drafted to the Buffalo Bills in the 2016 NFL Draft.


Russell Hansbrough
Javorski Lane

Full Back- Miami Dolphins

Javorski Lane, a former Texas A&M star running back also known as J-Train, was believed to be a sure first-round draft pick, rated as one of the top running backs in the nation prior to his fall from glory due to a balloon in his weight. Millions of dollars were lost. Not even a free agent opportunity came thus putting him two years removed from College Football. Working a 9 to 5 job, and watching both of his college backups playing in the NFL on Sundays, Lane’s dreams had been crushed with no direction for bringing them back to life. Then, on one cold Saturday afternoon, amazing grace found him when he met the creator of Power Cardio, Bertram Lawrence Sr., who extended to him a blessing from the training and body development heavens. Lane had no idea at the time as to who he had met. Lane arrived at the Power Cardio facility that following Monday weighing in at 300lbs with no idea how to get it off.  Lawrence began to implement his amazing revolutionary science training along with proper dieting and cleansing. Over the next three weeks, Lane's body and mind were transformed to heights of strength and conditioning that he had never experienced. After years of battling weight problems, he finally got it under control.  NFL Teams showed interest again.  He received a call from the Miami Dolphins for a tryout with the possibility of making the team. Lane not only made the team but he is now the starting full back for the Miami Dolphins. This is another example of Power Cardio and the amazing benefits of breathing life back into dead dreams.  "Power Cardio is the #1 strength and conditioning program in the World!  I am living my dream because of what Power Cardio has done for me. Nothing can mess with it!!!! Power Cardio for Life!" ~ Javorski Lane

Ashley French

Ashley French is an Arlington, Texas native, the youngest of three children with an older brother and sister. Ashley’s father is a former five-time All-American track sprinter out of the University of Arkansas.  Ashley grew to love track and progressed in the sport from the time she was 4 years old.  Ashley became a member of the varsity track team as a South Grand Prairie High School freshman.  Despite her 5’1 height, Ashley proved a tough competitor.  She made it to State finals as part of her school's 4x200 relay team, the 3rd fastest relay team in the State of Texas in 2008. Ashley graduated from South Grand Prairie, receiving a track scholarship to the University of Kansas. After a year, she transferred to Langston University.  During her years in college, Ashley was unable to perform on the track due to knee pain, so she returned home to recover. In June 2011, she met Coach Lawrence and was introduced to the Power Cardio program.  A statement from Ashley:  “Before I knew about Power Cardio, I was lacking power and strength. After only 4 weeks I gained both, and so much more.  The program is no joke, neither are the results in a short length of time.” Ashley is known to be the Queen of Power Cardio (WTL), excelling in strength that is beyond typical female standards in the weight room. Ashley is preparing for the 2012 Olympic trials in Eugene, OR. She says, “I have always dreamed about going to the Olympic trials and now with the help of Power Cardio I am preparing for it. I am amazed of what’s in store for me and this program. ”


Davonna Wilson

"I joined the United States Army Reserves over 1 year ago. I had to lose weight prior to joining; however, I was still out of shape. I had six weeks before I was to take my Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT), which consist of push-ups, sit-ups and a 2 mile run. I was unable to complete the 2 mile run in a timely manner. I was going to the gym on my own, yet I still could not complete the run. I had exhausted all of my means. I then went to Coach Lawrence and Coach Sawyer for help.  I began the very intensive Power-Cardio regimen. After the first session they took my body to a whole new level, and within two weeks I noticed my body physically changing. They made a believer out of me in regards to Power –Cardio. By the end of my six weeks I went to the track and successfully completed my 2 mile run within record time. I now no longer fear the (APFT). There is strong and then there is Army Strong. Power-Cardio is second to none." ~ 1st LT. Davonna D. Wilson, AN, FNP-C, USAR

Tacario Combs

I came to Coach Lawrence and Power Cardio in the winter of 2008 at 5'9 133 pounds. I was never able to stay on the football field because I was always injured with a bad shoulder that would pop out of place at the slightest contact.  Even after numerous surgeries, my shoulder would not withstand the force of a hit.  At the beginning of that year, January of 2008, I began training with Coach Lawrence and Power Cardio, Coach Lawrence pushed me to the point of no other and even after everyone left, he made me stay and do extra work on my shoulder.  By the beginning of spring 2008, I increased in weight from 133 lbs to 160 lbs and my teammates and coaches could not believe the transformation that I had made in my strength and weight.  I knew that by playing at Cedar Hill High school, I was going to be tested, so at the spring game in 2009 I went up for a pass and my feet were cut from under me causing me to land directly on my bad shoulder. At first I was afraid to get up but I knew that I had to, so I jumped up, ran into the huddle and the rest is history. In 2010 I received a full scholarship to play football at Southeastern Oklahoma University. I earned the starting spot in October of 2011. These accomplishments are all thanks to the training of Coach Lawrence and Power-Cardio. I know dreams can come true.


Doug Hansborough

"Coach Lawrence was training my son and he noticed that I was thin, frail, and unhealthy.  At that time, I was about 140 pounds, a chronic smoker with bad asthma and high blood pressure. Coach Lawrence was straight with me when he told me that I was a heart attack waiting to happen, and also that it wasn’t fair for my son to be in such good health and I was not.  He said that he wanted to help save my life and make me feel good about myself and my body again.  I then began the mission to save my life in October of 2011. At first i couldn’t even go 20 seconds without giving out, my asthma was out of control and I was weak.  But Coach was patient with me and 20 seconds turned into 30 seconds, to 1 minute, to 5 minutes, and then to 15 minutes straight.  I currently do not have to carry my asthma pump, and at my last doctor’s appointment my blood pressure was normal. I am now 175 lbs.; I can bench press 315 pounds, run 40 yard sprints, and do 1000 pushups in under an hour.   Power Cardio is the most unbelievable exercise ever created and I am a witness that it saves lives. Power Cardio proves that at age 50, you can be in the best shape of your life." ~ Doug Hansborough, GMC Motors

Judge Nancy Robb

At age 60, and with a successful career and busy lifestyle, Nancy was struggling with weight and blood pressure issues when she joined Power Cardio. The Power Cardio program caters to everyone, and Lawrence welcomed the challenge to accommodate the needs of Judge Robb.  Through Power Cardio's corporate program, Lawrence was able to work with the Judge’s schedule, getting her back to the office after an extensive 8-10 minute midday workout.  By the end of the program, Judge Robb's blood pressure was under control, she had more energy, and also reached her weight loss goal, was maintaining a healthy eating regimen and workout lifestyle with Power Cardio.


"Power Cardio gave me the boost that I needed to regain and maintain my health.  I am live again, with energy and vibrancy."  ~ Nancy Robb, Juvenile Court Judge

Ashton Tolbert

Thanks for your support, encouragement and belief in my son. You are an awesome mentor who is gifted at growing young men and speaking life into their dreams and potential. Your workout expertise, strength and cardio development knowledge is a force to be reckoned with. Ashton and I are excited and thankful that you are preparing him..." ~ Shlonda Tolbert

Dacion Harris

"Man I'd like to thank the man who's had my back this whole summer when no one believed in me. Had family doubting me or trying to put me on hold. This man had never put me on hold and he's only known me for 4 months. Coach Lawrence and the PowerCardio family believe in me they seen something in me I didn't. I've came from " deydey you one pork chop away from being on that D Line!" to "boy deydey you gone be the best damn linebacker to come out of the lone star conference." Idk how to pay you back coach but I can't start by making it. One love‼️"💪🏾😈👊🏾

                                                                                                                               ~ Dacion 'Dey Dey' Harris

Brent Pack

Congratulations Brent pack This young man failed the special forces test six times and was told by his recruiters to try another field of work when someone told him about my program.people told him he'll never make it threw my program he had only 14 days before the final test and im proud to say we did it in 12 days and he will be shipping out tomorrow. THANKS Brent FOR proving me rite Its not how you start but how you finish Power Cardio@ THE DUNGEON We Dont take no for a answer. ‪#‎Believe‬ In Yourself First

Marcus French

After being one of the top Running Backs in the State of Texas in 2005, I received a scholarship to play football at Mid Western State where I excelled until a knee injury in 2006.  I dropped out of Mid Western and started my employment career, with this change I was out of football for the next 5 years.  My weight ballooned from 185 lbs to 228 lbs.  I was overweight, out of shape, with hamstring problem. I thought that my football career was over until a friend introduced me to Coach Lawrence and Power Cardio (WTL) in the spring of 2010. I then began training with Coach Lawrence and by the summer of 2010, I was back in tip top shape, down from 228 lbs to 200lbs, and  running a 4.4 forty, benching 405, and squatting 550 lbs.  Better than that, Coach Lawrence helped to assist me with getting back into school, and also back on the football field, I walked on to Texas A&M Commerce and made the team. To add to my delight, I was also the fastest and strongest Running Back on the roster in August of 2012, I will play my first official football game in 6 years and I am set to receive my degree in Criminal Justice in 2013. Thanks to Coach Lawrence and Power Cardio (WTL) my future has become so much brighter.


Miss Sonya
Matthew Harmon

My name is Matthew Harmon and I've been interning with coach Lawrence the past 2 years. I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was 10 and struggled with it my whole life. In high school my diabetes was poorly controlled and my body suffered for it. Once I got with coach I started taking better care of myself. It was something about coach that made me take better care of myself. I played defensive tackle for my school and I was 250lbs. After high school I left and went to college and decided to cut down. I came back to the dungeon my first summer after college and I've been interning with coach ever since. I was 190 when I came back and coach built me back up to 220. I've never been this strong and lean in my life and it's only getting better!!

Michael Reese Machen

I went to Grace Prep academy and was never good enough fast enough or strong enough (only considered good for graceprep) I was always second or third best and never looked at as an actual playmaker. Nobody looked at me as a player and thought I would ever make it to the next level. This hurt me bad because my identity was football and it is what I love. 


God put Jackie Sterling in my life to help put me on the right track and was there when nobody else was. He trained me put me through drills and instilled confidence in me and assured me that my hard work would pay off. Jackie had an injury that kept him from being the best he could be and he found coach Lawrence. 


Coach Lawrence helped Jackie and fixed him. When I saw the work he had done on Jackie I knew it was something I had to do. I tried to get with coach Lawrence a few times but I never had the money. My mom would not pay for me to do training. I had to pay for it myself. At the time I had no job and no car. I could have asked my grandparents for money but they already do so much for my family that I could not ask them to do anything extra because this was something I wanted and this was all on me. 


Jackie took me to see coach Lawrence during Christmas break and after meeting him one time he had my whole life figured out without me saying hardly anything. He knew things about my situation that he could not have know unless I told him. It was almost like he had known me for a while. After that first meeting I knew training with him was something I had to do. Immediately after walking out of the dungeon door I asked Jackie to take me to the blood plasma clinic because I heard they would pay for your blood. 


When I got there I was so excited to get paid and to be able to work with coach Lawrence. Unfortunately they would not let me sell my blood because of document mix ups. This damn near destroyed me because I felt like I had fallen too far behind. I worked out and did as much as I could on my own for 6 months and then I got blessed with a job at greenbay packaging. I had to wake up every morning at 5 and work all the way till to and sometimes on Saturdays. 


It is hell but I can afford to go train with Lawrence now. Coach gave me a big break on the money part of it and everyday I go to coach Lawrence right after work no matter how tired I am and do the workouts he has planned for me. It feels really good to have somebody as committed to your success as much as you do and somebody that believes in you almost more then you do. 


Working in the factory I struggled with gaining weight because of all the callories I'd burn pushing 500lb boxes all day. But I noticed that doing these crazy Power Cardio workouts made me stronger then I ever thought I could get in only 10 days of being in the gym. It blew my mind. I was lifting weight I had never lifted before and building so much confidence in my strength. 


I had never squated 3 plates before in my life and one day coach told me to get under the bar and do a set of 50 PC (Power Cardio) and I just did it. He told me 20 power and I did it. He told me 50PC again and I did it and he told me 20 deep squat and I struggles a little bit but I did it. I HAD NEVER LIFTED MORE THEN TWO PLATES ON THE BAR MORE THEN 10 times in my life. 


And I get in this gym and out of nowhere I'm pushing weight like that? I was in shock at myself and how strong I have gotten doing PC. 


I would recommend power cardio to anybody who wants to be the best they can be because it works. It's ridiculously hard but when you fight through and finish you will be amazed at the effects. 

My dream since I was six, is to play professional football. It's something that I never stop thinking about. I plan on walking on at UTSA next year and Lord willing leading that team and going as far with football as the Lord will allow me.

                                Stephanie Nelson
                   Power Cardio Mom Testimonial 
Kyan Krim

“We met Coach Lawrence and we waited until the other kids got there [at The Dungeon]. When they got there, Coach Lawrence started talking about being respectful and helping out your parents around the house. After this, Kyan came to me and asked me for a list of things to do around the house. A day later, EVERYTHING on the list was done. He cleaned two bathrooms, swept the kitchen, EVERYTHING that was on the list! 


I truly believe that the stuff that Lawrence says to the boys hits home. All of the young men that are in The Dungeon are so respectful and have the utmost respect for him. I love how they cheer each other on and motivate each other when they are working out. These definitely are the people that I want my son around. I believe that Lawrence doesn’t only build these young mens physiques, but also their minds. [Also] I am a mom and I believe that only a man can teach Kyan how to be man. And Lawrence is a great influence on him and is very inspirational. Kyan is definitely staying around Lawrence.. And is not going anywhere.” 

Shack Jackson
I was introduced to Coach by my father who told me about this guy who could possibly help me fix my knee and turn my life around so I wanted to see for myself.
Coach has shown me how to control my body in so many ways that it will shock you. My strength is unbelievable now. I'm doing 235lbs for 40 reps like it's nothing and squatting 505lbs in sets of 20 reps!
Before I first started I came in at 325lbs and I'm now 287lbs lean and my legs are stronger and I have more control and I built my confidence back up.
Power Cardio has changed my whole mind set when playing ball and I move better because of it.

My plans are to continue playing football which I received an offer to Texas A&M Commerce where I will be continuing my football career and if the lord says the same make it a professional thing and be able to share my story and give back to my gym and family. I would recommend Power Cardio to the world if that make sense because honestly it's the way of life.


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