ANNOUNCING . . . Team Lawrence partners with Reliable Refund

 In September 2014, Team Lawrence Power Cardio Founder and CEO Bertram Lawrence, Sr. decided to partner with Reliable Refunds and open a branch in Arlington, Texas at 1902 West Pioneer Parkway, Suite 102.  Lawrence says, "being the owner of my own branch is real exciting and goes hand-in-hand with what I am all about - creating jobs, helping the community and making sure everyone gets treated fair.  Currently, our Arlington office employs 30 people and counting.  To ensure our clients get the maximum out of their returns, I've spent countless hours training my staff to leave no stone unturned and making sure our clients understand we work for them and we do everything we can to help them.  Treating people like people means a lot and I won't have it any other way."  At our Arlington office, every client is our personal client and we are a 24/7 anytime office.

Call Reliable Refund at (817) 801-1650 today for all your tax needs!


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2405 W. Arkansas Lane

Suite E

Pantego, TX 76013

Telephone: 817-420-3485

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