Lawrence is a native of Winnsboro, Louisiana, located in the northern part of the state.  He is the son of Reyola and the late Elbert Smith, and the grandson of the late Jim and Julia Wright.  He is seventh of eight siblings, a 1987 graduate of West Monroe high school, and the uncle of former standout LSU linebacker Jeremy Lawrence. 
A three sport athlete (baseball, football, and track), Lawrence is considered a playground legend in the town of Winnsboro.  He was well-known for his vicious hits and uncontrollable attitude on the field - a fierce competitor who excelled beyond all expectation on the gridiron.  But because of his personal experiences seeing friends suffering from poor health and also thanks to his small-town upbringing, he found his focus in health and fitness.  Lawrence was not one to stand around and watch heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke hurt people he cared about, thus Team Lawrence Power Cardio was created. 
Team Lawrence Power Cardio is an all-natural non-conventional strength, speed, and endurance training method that applies more pressure to the muscles, less to the joints and ligaments.  This breakthrough system allows clients to see unbelievable gains in the weight room through Lawrence's revolutionary training methods.  Says Lawrence,  "Team Lawrence Power Cardio is not of this world and we only take believers." 
Lawrence has been credited with developing some of the best-conditioned athletes in the country; some even say he has developed super humans.  Lawrence states, "the barriers of weight, strength, and endurance training have been broken with Team Lawrence Power Cardio." 
In his 20-year career, Lawrence has traveled and trained athletes all around the country - track and field competitors,  NFL players, actors.  You name it, Lawrence has done it.  Lawrence also states that he still gets the most enjoyment from training everyday people because they are the ones who have forgotten or are afraid to work to save their own lives. 
When it comes to strength and conditioning or overall body development, weight gain, weight loss, or just a better quality of life, Lawrence can help you blast through all the negatives that keep you from meeting your goals and expectations with TEAM LAWRENCE POWER CARDIO.



"The barriers of weight, strength, and endurance training have been broken with Team Lawrence Power Cardio."



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