Dungeon Stories
The Dungeon is more than meets the eye. Coach Lawrence is constantly telling all of his athletes to use their brain and to refuse to be brainwashed by today's world through phones and social media as a whole. He is a leader, father, and mentor to all he comes into contact with. The stories below, are all true and are directly from Coach Lawrence and the lives of the people in the dungeon. They are meant to educate, inform, and inspire all those who read them by allowing them to see true power that lies deep within all who are willing to unleash it.
The Order Of Success
Coach Lawrence was driving along and we stopped to get gas at a gas station. While he was sitting down waiting at, he noticed these numbers at the top of the door of the gas station. 1 2 3 4 5.
1 2 3 4 5 is significant and always preached in The Dungeon because Coach Lawrence is a man of order. He always says, if you are not doing things in order and skipping steps, then you will not be successful.
He lives by this philosophy and has built everything he has from this quote. He is always training and teaching his athletes and clients to follow this formula of success in their sport and in their life.
The Homeless Angel
One day Coach Lawrence was driving in Arlington and saw a homeless man walking along the street on his way to Fort Worth. Having seen him a few times, he decided to pick him up and take him to get something to eat. He shared a meal and talked with the man, then that was the end of it. 
A few months later, Coach Lawrence was trying to figure out how he was going to get food for that year's Lock-In and that's when this man showed up out of nowhere and gave Coach his food stamp card with over $800 on it untouched. 
Even though the Dungeon is a busy place, somehow Coach was the only one who ever saw this man when he appeared at the gym on multiple occasions and when he talked with him and gave him his card. 
Because of this, Coach Lawrence took this picture, in order to prove to himself and others that not only this man was real, but also to show that God can work through others in order to supply your needs. Even through a homeless angel.
Torren Calhoun Uses His Head To Find The Lock-In
Coach Lawrence had just started the 2017 Annual Dungeon Lock-In and Dungeon Athlete Torren Calhoun, didn't know where it was. Torren, like the average person called Coach Lawrence, but Coach purposefully didn't answer. Torren then started thinking. He contacted his mom who is friends with Coach Lawrence on Facebook, and looked at Coach's recent posts on his page. It was here that Torren saw exactly where the Lock-In was through Coach's online flier. Torren then headed right over. There was one young man who failed the test of Coach not answering his call, so he missed the Summer Lock-In this year. But, Torren used his common sense and found a way to get where he needed to go. Coach Lawrence is a modern day guru who not only is in the business of strengthening ones body, but their soul and mind. The Dungeon is more than about training for sports. It is about training for life. 


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