The Creation Of Lock-Ins

The Dungeon Lock-Ins were created and originated from Bertram Lawrence Sr. He created the Lock-In from the pain he experienced while in the process of going through a heartbreaking divorce and still trying to fight for custody of his children. 
Coach Lawrence fell into a deep depression that plummeted him down to 148lbs. After he had enough, he decided to make a major shift in his mindset about life by deciding to take his life and health back.
Coach Lawrence bought loads of food, protein, and vitamins to eat while he decided to literally lock himself in his home for a whole month with very little time outside. While locked in his home, he worked out constantly two or three times a day, doing over 5,000 reps a day. While doing this, he quickly saw his body change before his eyes. 
He first went from 149lbs to 173lbs in 5 days! In total he went from 149lbs to 275lbs before his successful court date that gave him his kids back a month later.
After this, Coach Lawerence went to a local gym, having only touched 25lbs dumbbells at home, and benched over 315lbs and squatted over 450lbs with ease!
From this point, 'Power Cardio With Team Lawrence' was born.
Today Coach Lawerence still has these Lock-Ins every year to help young children who's minds our controlled by technology and social media. In today's Lock-Ins, there are no phones, computers, or TV's allowed in order to insure the kids remain focused on developing their minds and bodies in order to become better and stronger people in their adult lives. 
The Lock-In consists of
  • Working Out 
  • Educational Conversations
  • Real life interview practice
  • Sharping of Conversation skills
  • Positive Fellowship
  • Spiritual growth
  • and much more.
If you would like to enroll your child to regain his mind and body, then be sure to head over to 'Social Media Detox Lock-Ins' here to register your child today. 
"We must take our health and our kid's minds back because without our kids, we have no future."              
                                                                                                             - Coach Lawrence


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